Anonymous sent: Hi sorrry this is your easter bunny again. I have one more question haha. If you could have any expansion or store or even custom world, regardless of whether or not you have bought the eps required or or bought it from the store, which ones would they be? Could you at least name four of them for me? Thank you! I can't wait to create something for you =)

Any expansion? Hmmmm. I don’t know about worlds. My computer hates them. LOL. I have all the EPs but World Adventures and Late Night. >.< That’s all I’ve really got. haha.

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Anonymous sent: Hello I am your easter bunny! I have a few questions for you! I'm not very good at meshing, but I can create mods or genetics like skins or eyes. I am also very good at creating sims (particularly legacy friendly ones that produce pretty babies!) Do you have a style you'd like for a sim (or even couple?) or a particular skinblend or ts2 eye conversion you'd be interested in??

Oh haha. I have no idea hun. I wish I did. I am really crappy at making sims though. I suck at it xP

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Reblog if you have self harm scars.


Flawless Assignment 8 - NO8 

Mad respect for this.

Attempting to start my legacy is like trying to explain how water tastes. It’s not working. My sims game is so damn slow.

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Simblr Secret Easter Bunny Exchange: Simblr Secret Easter Bunny Exchange!




Hello simmers!

I am sure you’ve all heard of Secret Santa’s exchanges on Tumblr and I wanted to keep the same concept with… Easter! I thought it would be nice to give this a try, the worse that could happen is nobody signing up for it. I’ll take the chance.
For the rules, I gathered and…

Only two days left to enter the exchange, Simmers! Come on, it’ll be fun!

I went to see P.O.D, Three Days Grace and Shinedown last night. The entire concert was great. After the show, I got to meet shinedown (: Just wanted to post that somewhere. 

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Currently downloading ambitions & showtime! I love payday (:

Now to get the last two EPs I need then I will have them all. MUAHAHAHHA. Then on to the SPs. 

Gotta catch ‘em all.

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If someone made outfits like these for Sims 3, I would die and thank the person forever. I adore these.

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Because why get off on the wrong foot by being the only one in class without one?

Fully functional iPad by OBP.